This is my favorite graphic designers.

Bruno Munari

Was a versatile Italian artist, designer and inventor. He had great knowledge within a wide range of fields, including modernism, futurism and literature. I find his work in relation to children, learning and playful typography most inspiring. Learn more about Bruno Munari

Bruno Munari2

Bruno Munari1

Human Empire

Is a design and illustration studio based in Hamburg, Germany. I admire Human Empires abillety to combine a wide range of materials and design techniques. The distinctive colour pallet and illustration style makes their visuall profile uniqe. Learn more about Human Empire

Bruno Munari2

Bruno Munari1

Herb Lubalin

An American graphic designer. Herb Lubalin might be one of the persons I admire the most. He is the designer of the «Lubalin» font and thereby my greatest hero within the graphic design field. His work with fonts, typography and logs is truly admirable. Learn more about Herb Lubalin

Herb Lubalin logo

Herb Lubalin 1

Max Ernst

German-born painter, sculptor and printmaker; one of the leading Surrealists. He has his own distinctive style and just by looking at his work you can tell that he is the one that designed it. I am most fascinated my his work within Dadaism and detailed illustrations. Learn more about Max Ernst

Max Ernst 1

Max Ernst 2

Jiani Lu

She is a young designer, photographer and illustrator based in Toronto, Canada. With simple, colourful and professional design she is a wonderful inspiration. Combining strict geometric shapes with bright colours and tactile elements she has developed a characteristic visual identity. Learn more about Jiani Lu

Jiani Lu

Jiani Lu 2


Spin was founded by Tony Brook and Patricia Finegan in 1992 and is a London based company. Spin is what you call a successful project and is a great inspiration for all new born graphic designers. I will just say: «Watch and learn». Learn more about Spin

Spin 1

Spin 2
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