This is my favorite food.


Waffles is a big part of Norwegian food culture. The simplicity and the originality of the waffle have made it a popular dish at home, work, social events, the Norwegian national day, tea breaks, lunch bags, hotel breakfasts and many more occasions. Personally I enjoy the waffle well done and with Norwegian brown cheese. Learn more about Waffle recipies


Seafood risotto (Risotto ai frutti di mare)

There is nothing better than a home made Italian seafood risotto. The freshness of sea combined with creamy white wine risotto rice or spicy tomato rice is an absolute personal favourite. Best served at a local Italian restaurant, most preferably with a glass of chilled wine on the side. Learn more about Risotto recipes



Sushi is my number one fun-food! The wide range of flavours, textures, colours, ingredients and visual approaches makes eating sushi exciting. Not only is it fairly healthy, it taste great as well! Learn more about Sushi recipes



This is a simple, but great dish. As tortilla crisps is a weakness of mine this dish suites me like a hand in a glove. Spicy, crunchy and with the possibility of variations. Learn more about Nachos recipes


Snickers milkshake

I am no sweet tooth, but I absolutely love Snickers flavoured milkshake. The combination of salt peanuts, sweet chocolate, cool ice cream and smooth caramel sauce is perfect. Learn more about Milkshake recipies

Snickers milkshake
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