Stephen has been asleep for a long, long time...
He wakes up, and soon he will realise the world is not quite the same..

What have happned to my phone?
How am I gonna check on my fb feed?

I feel awful... a shower til do me good.

You gotta be kidding me...

A...A can?
Where did that come from?

What... What is that?!

oh, the last can...

What the fricking frack!

This is ...

the can drinker

He thinks life is too short to recycle... yolo man...

4 million tonnes of
aluminium is produced annually,
51,000 tonnes of which ends up
as packaging(drink and food cans) in the UK.


This is ...

the papernatic

She is a bit to precious about her paper...

As a nation, the UK spends
12 million tonns of paper a year!

2/3 of the paper is recycled,
but still the amount of paper
sent to landfill earch year.
This is enough to fill 103,000 double decker busses!


This is ...

the peanut butter lover

Don't wanna waste calories on walking to the recycling bin...

In one year each family uses
an average of 500 glass bottles and jars!


This is ...

the shampoo-holic

She has a nice collection of empty conditioner bottles in her shower cabin

It takes 75% less energy to
make a plastic bottle from recycled plastic compared with using 'virgin' materials.


This is ...

Scott the cereal addict

He have no 'hunger' for recycling after breakfast...

Annually each person in the UK
use the equivalent of 140 corrugated cardboard boxes.

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